Who we are

MBFi – Microbial Biological Fertilizers International North America was founded in the beginning of 2018 and we are based in Kansas City Missouri. We have run trials throughout the mid-west in the 2018, 2019 season to prove our products for the use in row crops. We have gained registration for a number of products in various states. As a manufacturer of agricultural product, MBFI is committed to supplying the best quality products with professional advice from our diverse pool of staff knowledge and expertise.

We are a South African multi-national agricultural technology business which was founded in 2003. Our company specializes in manufacturing nitrogen fixing Inoculants, biological fertilizers, bio pesticides, adjuvants and nutritional  products. MBFi is a family owned business and we pride ourselves on respect and honor, and believe that it is the creative and inspirational people and staff we have surrounded ourselves with that have made MBFi the business it is today.

MBFi is dedicated to contributing to the agricultural industry in providing excellence through quality. As professionals, we are aware of the importance of developing strong working relationships with our farmers, distributors, researchers, suppliers and staff and we will strive to provide excellence to all, in order to strengthen and build upon these relationships. Through growing strong relationships, gaining local knowledge through research and development, we believe MBFi will continue to grow globally.