EPS Activation Technology

Exopolysaccharide (EPS) are extracellular polymers that are weakly associated with the rhizobial cell surface and abundantly released into the surrounding environment. This extracellular matrix preforms a diverse range of functions which give the micro-organism an adaptive environmental advantage. MBFi has developed premium inoculants containing proprietary EPS activation technology by manipulating environmental factors and stress conditions resulting in increased EPS concentration.

  • 2.13 – 3.3 x higher EPS in Induct Pro
  • 95-98% of Biofilms consists of EPS
  • 10 x incrased host Phytoalexins
Protein Defence

Protein Defence

  • Mineral solubalization and enhanced nutrient uptake: Trichoderma sp. species utilize several methods to solubilize plant nutrients such as phosphorus and micro-nutrients such as copper, iron, manganese and zinc, thereby making them available for uptake by the plant.
  • Production of secondary metabolites: A range of secondary metabolites are produced by Trichoderma sp that act as plant growth substances.
  • Alleviation of abiotic stress: Trichoderma sp. have to ability to increase the amount of deep roots produced by plants therefore increasing the resistance of the plants to drought stress. Several modes of action are employed by Trichoderma sp. to improve the plants ability to tolerate high salt and oxidative stress.
Solid state fermentation

Solid State Fermentation

Radicle is produced on a unique growth medium using a process called solid state fermentation (SSF). This growth medium and process allows for the production of a high amount of viable Trichoderma sp. spores (survival structures) that ensures a high survival rate when the product is applied under harsh conditions. During SSF a high concentration of several important enzymes are produced. One of these enzymes, cellulase, plays a crucial role in the ability of Trichoderma sp. to colonise the root system. Since the ability of a micro-organism to be rhizosphere competent is linked to its ability to promote plant growth, the presence of cellulase in the product is of great benefit.

Liquid fermentation

Liquid Fermentation

MBFi has isolated a bacterial strain, which grows rapidly to colonize the root zone for that sought-after space around the root system but also shows good root growth promotion and survival capabilities. Enfuse contains a gram-positive, endospore-forming Bacillus sp. that was specifically selected for its fast growth rate, tolerance to harsh environmental conditions as well as excellent plant colonising, plant growth promotion.